NEWS!!! Kariboye-Igbo Urges Nigerian Govt to Invest More in Youths


Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo popularly known as Oil Money, has urged the Nigerian government to as a matter of urgency empower the Nigerian youths and create more job opportunities for them. Speaking further he said, “The present administration needs to focus on how to empower youths, create opportunities for them and harness their strengths, creativity and ingenuity to rebuild the country.”

Oil Money, a successful oil and gas businessman who is also a renowned real estate investor, further noted that the adverse economic situation of the country, exacerbated by the recession, has left the youth population more vulnerable. “This is the reason why in the last two decades the country is now recording the highest incidence of migration of young people to other countries in search of greener pastures,” he submitted.

According to Oil Money who recently launched his music record label stated that, “I expect youths to now redouble their efforts to prove wrong the notion that they are lazy. We have a lot of young Nigerians here in the UK doing their country proud, Nigerians who have created a positive image of intelligent, resourceful and hardworking persons for themselves and their race. I studied in the UK, and with due respect to other international students, Nigerian students proved themselves capable and diligent in their academics; and in the workplace, Nigerians are respected for their diligence and commitment. Where creativity is concerned, we are not found wanting here in the UK and so far, whether here in the UK or elsewhere in the world, Nigerians have shown that we have in our DNA the will to excel.”

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