NEWS: I’m Working Hard To Become Richest Man In Africa – Oil Money Records Boss


Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo, who is frequently designated as one of the richest men in Nigeria by some influential publications, said he is not surprised by his ranking on the rich list. “It is God’s doing, not my power,” he said.

Speaking further, the hardworking super entrepreneur who is popularly known as Oil Money, avowed that he is working hard to climb to the top of Africa’s rich list. “I see myself being listed on Forbes richest Africans soon. I am working towards it, and I believe God will not let me down,” he affirmed.

Oil Money is a business mogul of a peculiar type; a popular real estate merchant and CEO of Best Car Sales Ltd, he has been listed No.3 on the Top 10 richest man in Nigeria 2021 list. He also made the list of Nigerian billionaires 2020 and 2021 on Wikipedia.

He recently expanded his business empire when he joined the music industry with his UK-registered Oil Money Record, leaving no one in doubt that he is trailing the path of international moneyed music CEOs such as Diddy, Jay Z and Kanye West.

Among other Nigerian billionaires, he seemingly took a rather different route to fame and fortune as a jack of all trades, selling cars, dabbling in showbusiness, dealing in oil and gas and real estate, among other business interests. “I am inspired to go into the various business ventures that contribute significantly to my wealth, because of the proverb that says “one should not put all his eggs in one basket”, he explained.

Born in Buguma City, Rivers State, Oil Money studied and graduated from London University and is currently a UK resident.

For him, there are still a lot of plans in the offing, he confirmed. “But politics is not part of the things I want to do now,” Oil Money affirmed.

Asked recently what he would do if given a political appointment by his home state or even the federal government, Oil Money said: “ I will accept it, but know that I will only take that step to use the office to assist the people and change their lives for the better.”

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