NEWS: Expect Mind-blowing Things From Oil Money Records, Says CEO Kariboye-Igbo


Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo, the CEO of Oil Money Records, has declared that lots of goodies are in the offing from the stable of the record label between now and the end of the year.

Oil Money Records is a British label created to manage the development of songs, production of music, manufacturing of merchandise, creative marketing and distribution of intellectual properties.

According to Kariboye-Igbo, he set up the record label to assist young and talented artists in the industry, adding that, so far, two Nigerians, Clova Fresh and Jaydboy, have been signed to the label while plans are on to sign more artists in the foreseeable future.

The man fondly referred to as Oil Money said that the target of his music label is to lift to stardom about five Nigerian music stars in the entertainment industry in the next five years.

“At Oil Money Records, we signed on artists based on their uniqueness and creativity as these make any individual stand above others. We are not focusing on a particular genre, as we accept all genres, but artistes’ uniqueness and creativity is what matters to us,” said Oil Money.

Speaking on his challenging moment as a showbiz impresario, Oil Money said: “Way back, it was stressful but now that I have a working team, everything is perfect”.

If however, he could turn back the hands of time and go back to his childhood and early adulthood, Oil Money said: “I would have started the label earlier.”

A philanthropist who derives joy in helping people, Oil Money is motivated by self-confidence and loyalty. Recently, he has been doing a lot of giveaways on social media, especially on Instagram, while also responding to the need of people who reach out to him privately.

“As a public figure, I receive thousands of messages daily. I reply the ones I can, but soon I will be unveiling a platform where the needy will be answered,” Oil Money said.

Oil Money, who said his motivation comes from creativity and uniqueness, also advised the youths who look up to him as a role model to always remain focused on their goals and dreams and not to let anyone talk down on them.

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