Don’t Be Jealous Of Wealth, Pray And Work For It – Billionaire Oil Money

Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo always wanted to become a successful businessman in life. That was why he set out his life from childhood knowing full well that he must work hard to fulfil his heart’s desire. So it comes as no surprise to see him being ranked among Nigeria’s top billionaires.
Oilmoney has dropped a disturbing question ” Why do people feel jealous instead of doing hard-work?” 
And here are his thoughts which was written by Prince Fredoo Perry 
Envy: Instead of focusing on your own goals, your goal becomes throwing off the rails other people’s goals and at the end of the day you gain nothing but a mischievous satisfaction that you have destroyed someone’s dream
Critics are loud, but success is louder.
INSECURITY breeds JEALOUSY / JEALOUSY creates ENVY / ENVY causes self-destruction / a hater is made up of all three. Just remember you are an opportunity away from being hated on yourself!
Don’t hate on someone whose hard work placed them on the road to success, while your envy and ill-intent put you on a path toward failure.
In a society where the socio-economic and political environments are not conducive for career development, a 40-year-old young man, Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo has been able to weather the storm and carved a niche for himself by building an empire of business ventures around his life.
Kariboye Igbo, who hails from Buguma in Rivers State, south-south Nigeria, is a business tycoon and a quiet billionaire whose wealth cuts across multifaceted business chains. He is known to be a successful investor in the real estate, oil and gas, entertainment and car dealership, a philanthropist per excellence who set up Oil Money Foundation to affect the life of Nigerians.

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